Ruyi Holdings Pte Ltd and its group of company have been in the beauty care industry for more than 30 over years, handling thousands of customers’ skin and body needs, understand the need of internal (80%) and external (20%) total body care in order for one to realise the dreams of “Healthy, Vitality & Beauty”. Being the leader and pioneering the internal care of customer via Cellular Therapy by consuming food supplement ZÉLL-V Softgel formulated with Sheep Placenta Extracts and other actives, ZÉLL-V witness the success of Cellular Therapy on many customers who has enjoyed “quality life” even many years of retirement. Especially with the improved formulated ZÉLL-V softgel (35% increase in concentration of the active ingredients and the adding in of Transfer Factors, which improve the function of our body’s immune system).

Today, understanding the needs of healthy external care, ZÉLL-V Rosemato was born with the mission to complete the “in and out” beauty care and to meet the customers’ skin’s need for effective and safe skincare products and to enjoy the benefits of beauty and good complexion as we advance with age.


ZÉLL-V Rosemato comes from the words rose and tomato, the main actives and extracts present in the premium phytocell skincare series. These actives and extracts work within the skin cells where the aging process begins, to slow down and control the signs of aging. Developed and manufactured in the most exclusive Swiss skincare laboratory in accordance with the highest grade required by the European Skin Care and Beauty Authority. All ZÉLL-V Rosemato products are dermatologist tested, ophthalmologist tested and free from Parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils and S.D. Alcohol.

ZÉLL-V Rosemato Phytocell Skincare series has undergone numerous cosmetic efficacy studies and has been proven to possess statistically significant wrinkle reducing, firming, elasticity enhancing and moisturising capabilities.

(Product Efficacy Test results can be seen next to the individual product description page). The series has also obtained various Certificates of Analysis upon undergoing compliance tests as well as the ISO 22716 : 2000 Cosmetic – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification.


  • Active Plant Cells from Damas Rose
  • Cellintegrity – Active derived from Raspberry stem cell
  • Lycoskin Defence – Active derived from tomato stem cell
  • SYN ® -COLL – Collagen Synthesis Stimulating Tripeptide
  • MATRIXYL ®  3000
  • Perfection Peptide P3