Active Plant Cells From Damas Rose

Damas Rose is the Symbol of Beauty, Love & Renewal. Active Plant Cells from Damas Rose act mainly on the dermis by:

– Limiting the ageing of fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen and other fibres)

– Reinforcing the activity of cells by boosting the synthesis of fibres, collagens and proteoglycans

– Decrease the quantity of an enzyme which causes the degradation of those fibres

Effects : Smooth and firm skin.



Cellintegrity is an active derived from Raspberry stem cell culture. Raspberry extracts are rich in vitamin C and total phenolics which possess antioxidant capacity, anthocyanins with provide anti-inflammatory activity ad ellagic acid which has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Effects : Skin is protected from free radical damage and inflammation. Integrity of DNA is maintained.



A Collagen Synthesis Stimulating Tripeptide that mimics the human body’s own mechanism to produce collagen. It helps to fight against intrinsic skin ageing, diminish all types of wrinkles and has skin firming and moisturising properties.

Effects : Wrinkles are reduced. Skin feels supple and hydrated.

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Day 0


Day 84


Day 0


Day 84


Belongs to the group of matrikines which possess a gene activation and cell communication profile that complement the skin’s natural mechanism for skin reconstruction.

Effects : Wrinkle reduction.

Perfection Peptide P3

A gentle biomimetic peptide that will smooth your skin to give you a young and glowing radiance. It stimulates the natural desquamation process of the skin leading to a gentle peeling, consequently creating a brighter, smoother and even toned skin complexion. Your skin is rejuvenated and appears younger.

Effects : A smoother, clearer and more radiant complexion. Lesser fine lines and uneven pigmentation.





Lycoskin Defence

An innovative active ingredient derived from tomato stem cells which effectively protect the skin from the devastating effects of heavy metals contamination which mainly come from industrial and agricultural activities, human waste and road traffic, causing dermatitis, allergies, irritations, inflammations and other serious skin diseases. Clinical tests show that it effectively protects and repairs the DNA and induce collagen production.

Effects : Younger and rejuvenated skin.